What We Do

IHSS provides a complete, turn-key solution to NHSP outsourcing, Screening, Data Management, Insurance Billing, and State Recertification Assistance—all of these services come together to provide the most complete newborn hearing screening solution for hospitals today.

IHSS has assisted hospitals with their program certifications and re-certifications since 2001. We have worked with all California Hearing Coordination Centers (HCC). In fact, many of our northern California hospitals participated in the pilot program for the new Data Management System (DMS). By developing good working relationships with the regional Hearing Coordination Centers, we are able to best integrate the latest language and standards into your policies and procedures and consistently meet and exceed expectations for the NHSP. Our staff provides screening 7 days per week, 365 days per year. We dedicate 2-3 regular screeners for each facility. Small staff size and minimal staff turnover allow us to be integrated with your team.

Our screeners receive annual competency evaluation that includes CA standards based testing. Additionally, our staff is constantly being measured against state standards for refer rates to ensure compliance with mandated refer rates.

Our data reporting is consistently rated to be outstanding by the HCCs. Our data staff is diligent in making sure the right information is delivered to the HCCs complete and on time.

IHSS uses Screening Auditory Brainstem Response (SABR) equipment the is more environmentally responsible and often takes less time with the patient than other systems. Minimizing the amount of time spent performing hearing screens allows mother and baby to spend more time together bonding and allows nursing and physician staff more access to their patients.

The proof is in our results. Our 3.1% average refer rate is well within CA state guidelines for referrals. Additionally, IHSS has a less than 0.03% waiver rate.

Why Outsource your NHSP?